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Our new release, "Crossing a Bridge through Time," is presented for the benefit of humanity. Conversations, events and historical information are presented as they occurred. Whether you view CABTT as fiction or non-fiction, you will find humor, information, insight and inspiration. The author shares, "With a smile emanating from my father's  heart, and a wink of his left eye, Dad best summarized his experience and preview of the bliss awaiting in the afterlife very simply." Dad offers, "We can teach the priest a thing or two." We share our journey with the understanding, "No one person has all the answers."  
Our time on earth is brief. Please join our story with your memories as we Cross a Bridge through Time.
  Please follow Steve Mitskavich for insight, photos, commentary and scheduled events at http://www.goodreads.com/StvMits or amazon.com/author/stephenmitskavich
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Named by the main character in our first book. High Tower Publishing is honored to share our efforts with the world. Our mission statement is to provide content which we hope will allow you insight. An enlightened mind coupled with the courage to share, will help heal the heart of humanity. 

High Tower Publishing is family-owned and operated in Chesterland, OH.   
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Our  new release, "Crossing a Bridge through Time," is available, on Apple I-Tunes, Nook and Kindle. For a printed copy, "Crossing a Bridge through time," is available through   http://www.amazon.com/author/stephenmitskavichwww.barnesandnoble.com,  www.books-a-million.com,   http://www.goodreads.com/StvMits, and Ingram. Please look on-line or ask for it by name at your retailer.
Experiencing Machu Picchu in Peru is   enlightening. Creating unity between the mind, the heart, and the soul is a goal of the book.
Standing between young mountain and happy mountain at Machu Picchuu in Peru high above the sacred river is food for the soul.
We all have demons to cast away. Ego and preconceived ideas often hold our soul hostage. Please learn to discern.
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  • Crossing a Bridge through Time

    The author travels back and forth between the realms of the living and the dead on a fascinating journey into the afterlife as he helps his dying father face his fears and find closure. They overcome a haunting secret that was ever present throughout the father's life. Readers have a front-row seat as events unfold and as the first-time author struggles through the writing process. This is a must read for anyone with aging parents or those caring for loved ones facing a terminal illness. The book raises the question why wait until the end of life to reach an understanding of who we are, when we can teach our young to have an appreciation for the great spirits they are. Perfect binding. 290 pages. 5.5" wide x 8.5" tall