Messages inspired by spirit in support of warming the Heart of Humanity
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Our new release, "Crossing a Bridge through Time," is presented for the benefit of humanity. Conversations, events and historical information are presented as they occurred. Whether you view CABTT as fiction or non-fiction, you will find humor, information, insight and inspiration. The author shares, "With a smile emanating from my father's  heart, and a wink of his left eye, Dad best summarized his experience and preview of the bliss awaiting in the afterlife very simply." Dad offers, "We can teach the priest a thing or two." We share our journey with the understanding, "No one person has all the answers."  
Our time on earth is brief. Please join our story with your memories as we Cross a Bridge through Time.
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Messages inspired by spirit in support of warming the Heart of Humanity

Love is Divine. Happy Valentine's Day!

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 02/14/13

Love is beauty. Love is hope. Love is kind. Love is the music and poetry of life. Love resides in the heart. Love is the food of the soul. Love is a beatitude gifted to the universe. Love is bestowed upon humanity. Love is available to all who seek it. Love is for our enjoyment. Love’s benefits have no bounds. Love flows through the universe. Love is the sacred essence of the Divine. Love is the connecting thread which binds all matter through the heavens of space and time. Love is the common language spoken throughout the universe. Love provides the balance on which the universe thrives. Do not underestimate the power of love. God is love. Love is God. Those who allow love to dwell in their heart shall know eternal bliss. Please allow yourself to love for it is divine. 

Insight gifted from a very wise soul

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 02/05/13

I was informed by a very wise soul about a year ago, "I would not be able to adequately describe my book until a year has passed since its completion." Other than a few small changes, a year has now passed since the bulk of the manuscript was completed. I am pleased to present my description of Crossing a Bridge through Time.

Crossing a Bridge through Time was written over the course of one year with a single goal in mind. The book is written to allow the reader to join the journey of the two primary characters in the story. The reader is encouraged to bring their own memories along as the story unfolds. The book exists for the benefit of the reader's soul. Our soul transcends time yet most people live and act unconnected from the needs of the soul. Crossing a Bridge through Time was written as an effort to actively change the dialogue adversely effecting humanity. Humanity has lost its way over the last two-thousand years as it has embraced the rules made by a few to create a society which rewards narrow-mindedness and selfish intent. We need to understand we are capable of much more than we demonstrate as a species. We are born of love and for a reason. We are a piece of a gigantic universe with a role to explore for the benefit of the soul, humanity and the universe. We can choose the type of world in which we live. The decisions we make today will mould the world of tomorrow. God dwells in the heart. We need to accept each other as the beings in human form we are. We are drinking the same water which sustained our ancestors 2,000 years ago, yet we carelessly pollute it without concern for our future generations. Our belief systems have largely failed us, as we serve a mythology which doesn't reflect the needs of today or tomorrow. CABTT addresses many issues. As the author, I share information and insight as it is granted through my partnership with those who have walked the earth before and now assist humanity from the realm of the enlightened. Our time on earth is brief. My wish is to help others appreciate their full potential while discovering the bliss awaiting them. When we allow love to fill our heart we see the world through the eyes of the divine. We all journey through a life on earth, however our journeys vary greatly. We are the sum total of our efforts. Making the most of the experience of life is possible when we overcome fear. Understanding and appreciating the essence of who we are is crucial if we wish we understand the divine. Crossing a Bridge through Time encourages thought about the important role we play in life and what we can experience as we transition into the next journey. We have much to say about the life we live and how we spend eternity. I hope you will join our journey!

God Works in Mysterious Ways.

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 01/03/13

I just completed an interesting phone conversation with an insurance adjuster who called to inform me via a sense of humor he has initiated dialogue with a client to make the couple very pleased with the claims process. He had admitted to pulling my leg a bit after playing with the name Steve, which is common between us. I returned a few quick witted responses and we laughed. Since I could sense he had an open mind, I opened a dialogue about my book. He inquired about it and its subject. I offered how I am privileged to share a true story about a journey into the afterlife which I experience with my father. I shared a few instances of our link at the soul level, and I how I was able use the soul link to assist my father and help him overcome fear.

The adjuster surprised me by sincerely asking about God, Jesus, the role they play in my life and in, “Crossing a Bridge through Time.” I answered with heart-felt insight and knowledge. I shared how I reveal specific insight I am given which cements my belief in the role the soul plays in our lives.  I explained how Reiki played an important role in assisting my Father, and how I employ its use to help others. I relayed how my father and I were given access to specific information to share with the world. The book is a result of our dialogue and my acceptance of an offer from God. Forces greater than I are at work in my life today. They were evident throughout the process of writing CABTT and are at assisting with my new projects.       

Understanding the Language of the Soul is a Blessing for Humanity

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/24/12

Communication, insight, love, and wisdom are tools to bring blessedness, happiness, spirituality and meaning to our journey through life. They are the language of the soul. They are the beatitude of life, and are available to all who choose to seek them. The truth is essential for the manifestation of spirituality. It will set the heart free. Truths unlock secrets and will pave the road to humanity’s future. I ask only the highest and the best of intention to bless humanity with love at this time. May you have a blessed and happy holiday and a fantastic new year.   

Letter to the Editor, What do we learn from Tragedy after Tragedy?

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/17/12


Tragedy after tragedy most will reflect on how horrible another mass slaughter of innocent people is. For a short time most people will exclaim something has to be done about these situations. A few will be moved by their heart and undertake positive action. Some become politically active and others address people directly in an attempt to effect positive change. After tragedy, a tremendous outpouring from communities provides warmth and comfort to friends and families whose lives have been shattered by or touched with anguish and pain, perpetrated by the actions of one person or two people. Most people will say how horrible, offer condolences, possibly make a donation and then promptly return to their busy lives. The media will show compassion and communicate the steps members of the community are taking towards healing and necessary closure. Healing will help move the act of terror to a less painful place. However it will not address the underlying hatred which is at root. People and their actions are a reflection of society. If our society and economy serves the needs of select groups and ignores everyone else we will continue to experience tragedy after tragedy with increased frequency. How and what we teach, how we rear our young and youth, how we treat our individuals, families, under-privileged and the old, social economic conditions, the misuse of religion for political gain, choosing to ignore science, promoting selfish interests and passing selfish laws are just a few of the many choices we have control over. All affect our society. Our daily news reports the results of our actions. Our track record is deplorable. Unfortunately many dangerous and destructive personalities have been elevated to celebrity status and given a voice by our media to push agendas which serve select people, organizations, political groups and corporations. Systematically they degrade and diminish the human value of others, while promoting network and personal agendas with lies and half-truths has brought fame and fortune to a few and for others, grief. Encouraging destructive dialogue and actions has brought pain. Messages filled with misinformation daily reach millions of people who unknowingly surround themselves with it. They slowly poison their views and allow hatred to enter their lives. Before our memories of the brutal murders once again diminish into time, we must honor the souls of the deceased by working together and let compassion and love guide our hearts. We must use discernment to make the tough choices and wise decisions required to solve our many pressing societal problems.

A Time to Remember and a Time to Act

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/17/12

Before our memories of the brutal Connecticut murders diminish into time, we must honor the souls of the deceased, the anguish of their families, and all others affected by working together and let compassion and love guide our hearts. We must use discernment to make the tough choices and wise decisions required to solve our many pressing societal problems. Our future demands we no longer accept the current conditions which permeate our world. We must interact with each other with love in our hearts, respect and the mindset no one person has all the answers.

What do we learn from tragedy after tragedy?

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/14/12

What do we learn from tragedy after tragedy? I just sent an editorial to the Plain Dealer, Sun News and I pray they publish it even though it is a little lengthy. The close of the letter is as follows: Before our memories of the brutal murders once again diminish into time, we must honor the souls of the deceased by working together and let compassion and love, guide our hearts. We must use discernment to make the tough choices and wise decisions required to solve our many pressing societal problems.

I will post the contents of the letter at another time.

12-12-12 The Age of Aquarius is upon us.

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/12/12

12-12-12 is written as a very special point in time. 1+2+1+2+1+2=9. We are also 9 days from the onset of a new age as depicted in the Mayan Calender. We have arrived at the dawn of the Age of Awakening known as the Age of Aquarius. Tonight's 12-12-12 at Madison Square Garden, N. Y., N.Y. concert and its purpose are recorded onto this day in time, in the same manner our actions are recorded on our soul. Today marks the beginning of humanity's spiritual awakening. The age of Aquarius is the age of enlightenment, wisdom and love. May the age of Aquarius manifest in the heart of humanity. "Blessed be the peacemakers." 

We can only see 5% of what exists

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/05/12

Although the eye can see, only the mind can behold a gateway into the secrets of the universe. We cannot see 95% of what exists within the universe, yet we can measure it. Our mind has the ability to connect to the energy of universe which travels through space and time. Love and the intent to heal are examples of non- visual timeless gifts which permeate the universe in the form of energy.    

12-12-12- and 12-21-12

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/02/12

We are leaving the old ways. 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 are marked in ancient history as significant dates. They speak to the end of an era and old ways of acting selfishly. What may have worked in the past doesn't mean it will be appropriate for our future needs. People are discovering spirituality, a closer connection to nature and to the ways of the universe. Understanding and compassion will force change.  God will no longer be thought of as a person or thing. Heaven will no longer be thought of as a place. We are learning the value of discernment and how to live with our heart providing guidance. Knowledge hidden from humanity for two millenniums is emerging. People are merging out of the desire to understand their connection to God. God talks with our heart. Our ego talks to our brain. An enlightened person listens to their heart, uses their brain to seek truth and acts in a manner appropriate for a being which exists as an extension of God.