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Our new release, "Crossing a Bridge through Time," is presented for the benefit of humanity. Conversations, events and historical information are presented as they occurred. Whether you view CABTT as fiction or non-fiction, you will find humor, information, insight and inspiration. The author shares, "With a smile emanating from my father's  heart, and a wink of his left eye, Dad best summarized his experience and preview of the bliss awaiting in the afterlife very simply." Dad offers, "We can teach the priest a thing or two." We share our journey with the understanding, "No one person has all the answers."  
Our time on earth is brief. Please join our story with your memories as we Cross a Bridge through Time.
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Insight gifted from a very wise soul

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 02/05/13

I was informed by a very wise soul about a year ago, "I would not be able to adequately describe my book until a year has passed since its completion." Other than a few small changes, a year has now passed since the bulk of the manuscript was completed. I am pleased to present my description of Crossing a Bridge through Time.

Crossing a Bridge through Time was written over the course of one year with a single goal in mind. The book is written to allow the reader to join the journey of the two primary characters in the story. The reader is encouraged to bring their own memories along as the story unfolds. The book exists for the benefit of the reader's soul. Our soul transcends time yet most people live and act unconnected from the needs of the soul. Crossing a Bridge through Time was written as an effort to actively change the dialogue adversely effecting humanity. Humanity has lost its way over the last two-thousand years as it has embraced the rules made by a few to create a society which rewards narrow-mindedness and selfish intent. We need to understand we are capable of much more than we demonstrate as a species. We are born of love and for a reason. We are a piece of a gigantic universe with a role to explore for the benefit of the soul, humanity and the universe. We can choose the type of world in which we live. The decisions we make today will mould the world of tomorrow. God dwells in the heart. We need to accept each other as the beings in human form we are. We are drinking the same water which sustained our ancestors 2,000 years ago, yet we carelessly pollute it without concern for our future generations. Our belief systems have largely failed us, as we serve a mythology which doesn't reflect the needs of today or tomorrow. CABTT addresses many issues. As the author, I share information and insight as it is granted through my partnership with those who have walked the earth before and now assist humanity from the realm of the enlightened. Our time on earth is brief. My wish is to help others appreciate their full potential while discovering the bliss awaiting them. When we allow love to fill our heart we see the world through the eyes of the divine. We all journey through a life on earth, however our journeys vary greatly. We are the sum total of our efforts. Making the most of the experience of life is possible when we overcome fear. Understanding and appreciating the essence of who we are is crucial if we wish we understand the divine. Crossing a Bridge through Time encourages thought about the important role we play in life and what we can experience as we transition into the next journey. We have much to say about the life we live and how we spend eternity. I hope you will join our journey!

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