Understanding the Language of the Soul is a Blessing for Humanity : Messages inspired by spirit in support of warming the Heart of Humanity
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Our new release, "Crossing a Bridge through Time," is presented for the benefit of humanity. Conversations, events and historical information are presented as they occurred. Whether you view CABTT as fiction or non-fiction, you will find humor, information, insight and inspiration. The author shares, "With a smile emanating from my father's  heart, and a wink of his left eye, Dad best summarized his experience and preview of the bliss awaiting in the afterlife very simply." Dad offers, "We can teach the priest a thing or two." We share our journey with the understanding, "No one person has all the answers."  
Our time on earth is brief. Please join our story with your memories as we Cross a Bridge through Time.
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Understanding the Language of the Soul is a Blessing for Humanity

by Stephen J. Mitskavich on 12/24/12

Communication, insight, love, and wisdom are tools to bring blessedness, happiness, spirituality and meaning to our journey through life. They are the language of the soul. They are the beatitude of life, and are available to all who choose to seek them. The truth is essential for the manifestation of spirituality. It will set the heart free. Truths unlock secrets and will pave the road to humanity’s future. I ask only the highest and the best of intention to bless humanity with love at this time. May you have a blessed and happy holiday and a fantastic new year.   

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